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Shipping & Returns

If you would like on behalf of someone, you need your identity or identification of the same name, they note that selects the package.

The package delivery time for your presentation has time after time in our warehouse. We can not guarantee the delivery of these instructions are for reference only. to get on your e-mail. After the package will be sent to your shipping address, e-mail, says a lot.

This can help speed the delivery, because we have to give your full shipping address and telephone contact.

Return & Refund
Decided that it is necessary to return the customer is no longer reason to be returned within 28 days after receipt. Unwanted items will not be able to return within 28 days after the United States. Returned as proof of purchase of the product line / unused and in the original packaging and receipt. "Return to reason", should be completed by the success of one of its shares.

If you think you have the Internet to purchase goods manufacturing defects, then you can return them to us for testing. we think that we have the defective item or refund (if any). They return to the site as proof of purchase and in the original packaging must be received within 7 days

Food back together (for connection to the receiving network) must be completed and returned part of the reason. As part of the package you buy multiple items or special offers and does not comply with one or more of the disciplines of decision-making as a package or offer to buy part of the project, you must return all.

See you out any change in the stores will be ready to return to version of the product and retail stores. You must request a full refund of the application process, or you will need to return to the headquarters during storage. Customer service, contact your order, your next step will be notified accordingly.

for health reasons, we came back to underwear, belts, drink bottles, can not take samples or the protection of rugby. Within 7 days of damage / failure if you do not have the right to return to the same elements.

credit account permission to collect, or 28 days after the date of publication. We will refund your payment.