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Privacy Notice

Target collected by the registration service services, to provide information and / or related communication services; Compliance with all accounting and tax compliance. When the user accepts information and / or services to offer a simplified quality inspection service of and the service is provided. Information provided by third-party advertising and information, as well as products and processes; Demand and market statistics, which is responsible for marketing and product preferences.

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Mandatory and voluntary registration process as described below: Personal data is divided into two groups. And efforts to retrieve data from a service operation to modify the above. If you refuse to provide such information may or may not allow the use of in the event of denial of consent to treatment. other information that can help a better service. Instead, the customer is free or not. If the information is incorrect or incomplete, in order to ensure that, please contact us.

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The organization and operation, we are in close contact with the executives of some of the personal data processing users and internal services related to the sale of products such as, Software. Security personnel to serve large, particularly well-trained to protect personal information and data, prohibition or disclosure. Not only for legal reasons, in accordance with the agreement, or personal information, or will not be disclosed to third parties without express consent :, product delivery service and personnel purchase, payment and The bank is responsible for the implementation of the police or judicial authorities, service providers, accounting and tax returns, including, without limitation, e-mail the correct answer is a legal obligation for the authorities concerned In the management of these institutions. these people, we have your consent.

In accordance with the profiles of the treatment method. 7 Code processing personal data (access to personal data and other rights page), you must understand the output format, and you will have no complaint has not yet personal information recorded, and if there is no Has no need. The owner's perception of the areas allocated to them, the sale or management of classes of objects or individual applications and is responsible for identifying the logic of managing electronic information; And treatment methods; Access to personal data: You have the right to be a manager or an agent.

You can retain the information, including in the form of illegal processing, combined with anonymous data modified or deleted in order to avoid or control currency data verification is necessary to move to the next step to collect Two points, and if this requirement, the transfer of data or the winding up of the update may be right, it may be proportional to the resources and protection of access rights. You are part or all of the legal basis for the processing of personal data, as well as advertising material for data processing or direct sales or research in marketing, communications, right for personal or professional purposes.